Harriet is a sow. Like all pigs used in the farming industry, she was born on a farm and then moved to another to be fattened for slaughter. At five months old, Harriet would have been loaded with hundreds of other terrified pigs into a lorry and sent to her death. But, thankfully, Harriet escaped this horrible fate. A friend of the farmer’s daughter convinced her to allow them to take three piglets. Three out of thousands.

Harriet and her companions had to stay in a temporary home while we prepared a living space for them and, after a couple of months, came to live with us at the sanctuary.

Now Harriet is now a fully grown adult but, due to her terrible start in life and the deliberate genetic manipulation that pigs bred in factory farms are subjected, she will always have health issues. But she has so much love for life, and adores laying on the ground, poking in the sand, eating and sleeping, facing each day with eyes that convey all the happiness in the world. Harriet has a special relationship with Mariah.

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By sponsoring Harriet, you will not only be ensuring that her ongoing care is provided for the rest of her life, but you are also helping us to ensure that when other animals who need us can be rescued and given a second chance at life. As a small token of our appreciation, we will send you an E-Certificate of appreciation to acknowledge your support. If you would like to sponsor Harriet in the name of a friend or loved one, just email us on and we will ensure that the certificate is made out in your recipient’s name.

On behalf of Harriet and everyone at Wings of Heart Sanctuary, thank you.

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