Hope is a turkey who started life on a rural farm. He was destined, along with his brother Love, to finish his brief life on a plate – served as someone’s Christmas Dinner. But, the man who had raised the two turkeys for the dinner plate, by the time it came to kill them, found that he couldn’t do it. He had lived with the two brothers for months and had grown fond of them. He took the decision to spare their lives and, from there, they came to Wings of Heart.

Love and Hope are the luckiest people at Wings of Heart. They roam freely where they want, swaggering around the site and always following us at a distance to make sure that they don’t miss out on anything. They love company and always sleep on top of the hen house. They wake before everyone else at the sanctuary and our mornings begin with the sound of the pair “gobble-gobbling” – a sweet sound which always brings a smile to our faces

Hope is less mischievous than Love but is by no means innocent. He will always be found supporting his brother in his endless pranks and games.

Behind the bravado of both brothers is a sensitivity and a love of life that is hard to miss. We would like to think they know how lucky they are and choose to live each day to the full. The inseparable pair have one of the most beautiful relationships at the sanctuary.

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