Koke came to Wings of Heart when he was a baby no more than a week old. He lived with his mother and brother, Eneko, in a small sty. He was expected to be sold as bait for hunting dogs. As a mix between a wild boar and a pig, Koke and his brother would have been used to teach dogs how to attack and kill boar.

Thankfully, a committed activist managed to convince the owner of the place where the two brothers were being kept that they would not fetch a good price, given that they were male. The activist convinced the owner to hand over the little pigs and this is how the two of them came to live at Wings of Heart.

When they first arrived, the babies were very scared but soon they learned to eat for themselves and, from that moment on, it seemed that they had a new lease of life. It was like they both understood from that moment that they would no longer suffer and they now they were free.

Koke is very playful, though quieter than Eneko, who never stops trying to encourage his brother to play with him at all hours. With his brother, he spends the day doing the things that are most important to him: playing, eating, running and sleeping. They can both expect to live a long life, free and happy in Wings of Heart.

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