Manuel and Ruth arrived at Wings of Heart together. Frightened youngsters when they first came to what would become their home for life, they had no idea that their lives had just been saved.

Farmers like to say that bulls live like “kings” in their fields, but they fail to share an important detail: very few bulls born on farms are allowed to live, much less allowed to live like kings.

Manuel was destined to be used in bullfighting. His fate was to act as a “training bull” for children in a bullfighting school while he grew into adulthood. Then, at just one or two years old, he would have been used in the bullring. He would have been beaten, stabbed, stoned and tortured.

Dependent on the type of celebration his suffering was designed to serve, one of these events would lead to his slow, painful death as he gasped his last breaths while violence rained down on him.

His life would not have been longer than 3 or 4 years, dependent on how long he survived this hell.

If his life was not dominated by violence inflicted on him for “entertainment” and he was deemed not to meet the expectations of the farmer to make him fit for use in the bullring, he would have been sent to the slaughterhouse. This is the fate which awaits more than half of all bulls bred for use in bullfighting.

Instead, Manuel and Ruth were saved and the day that they arrived at Wings of Heart was his first day of freedom and safety.

Watch the video of his arrival below:

Bulls, from birth, are extremely sensitive and quiet. The first day he arrived, Manuel was so terrified that he tried to run at us as a way to protect himself. By the second day, he had realised that we meant him no harm and gradually became calmer.

His terror subsided into a wary suspicion as he avoided coming close to us and would move away when we approached. Never before had any human he had contact with been kind to him.

Little by little we gained the little bull’s trust. He allowed us to gently stroke him as he ate and we no longer needed barriers separating us. For a long time, Manuel remained very sensitive to noise and would bolt to join his friends, Javi and Ruth, at the slightest noise. They made him feel safe. Keeping bulls bred for fighting away from humans is deliberate. If they were allowed to interact positively with humans, they would be sociable with them. What farmers are doing when they raise these sensitive animals in such violent surroundings is not creating aggression, but creating fear and distrust.

Manuel is the luckiest bull. He will live in freedom his whole life and will never again experience fear or torture. Together with Javi and Ruth, Manuel passes his time contemplating the world, the sun and the mountains in the far distance without a care in the world. He is loved, safe and will live a long and happy life here at Wings of Heart.

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