Our Residents

Wings of Heart sanctuary rescues animals who have been victims of exploitation, particularly those who were destined to be raised and killed to become food. Some of our residents were abandoned by the farming industry because they were sick, others because they were no longer considered «productive». Often these animals would be simply thrown out – literally treated as garbage. Others were found abandoned in remote areas – simply left to die by the farmers who did not consider their lives to be worth anything. Other Wings of Heart residents have been rescued from small-scale rural farms. You might imagine that these animals suffer less than those exploited in the industrialised farming industry but this is not the case. If you could see some of the places these animals have come from, you would be amazed that they found the strength to carry on.


While their stories are all different, they all have something important in common: they all needed the protection of a safe home where they could escape the cruel destiny that had been planned for them.

Here at Wings of Heart, this is what we strive every day to provide to these amazing, courageous individuals. Meet the Wings of Heart family!

The residents of the Wings of Heart Sanctuary rely on the generous support of our sponsors to provide for their needs. Your sponsorship will help to pay for food, veterinary expenses and maintenance of the living space for your chosen new friend.

Thanks to this monthly commitment we are able to provide the necessary support and care for the rescued animals at the Sanctuary, we are able to protect them from further suffering and ensure that we can continue to offer a safe home for life to animals in desperate need of rescue.

It is possible to adopt many of our residents. Simply visit our Sponsor an Animal page, click on the individual who you would like to sponsor and select «Sponsor Now» at the bottom of their page. Why not start a beautiful new friendship today?