Paco is a duck who was found abandoned in the middle of the street. A person living on the street saw him and took pity on him. They took him to the local animal pounds. From there, a volunteer contacted us to tell us about Paco and we went to pick him up.

Paco could not walk when he first came to us. He had two fractures in one of his legs and serous rickets from a life of deprivation and abuse. He couldn’t move his legs as a result. I addition, Paco was also suffering from severe bronchitis. We cannot know for sure but we believe Paco much have been kept in an extremely confined space with a very poor diet.

Slowly, through rehabilitation, Paco began to walk again. His strength improved thanks to specialised care and a good diet. He became friends with Deif and Edgar, who helped him in his exercises by encouraging him to follow them in their escapades.

Paco will never walk like his companions but this does not stop him from making the most of every day. Whether enjoying the sun or the water, Paco is a very happy duck here at Wings of Heart.

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