Ruth arrived at Wings of Heart together with Manuel. She is a cow raised for use in bullfighting. The fate that awaited her before her rescue was unimaginable.

The likelihood is that Ruth would have been tested in the “Tentadero” (loosely translated as the “Baiting” or “Testing” Ring) to gauge her reactions to violent attacks. These tests inclue locking her into the small ring and a horse-mounted person armed with a bullfighting spear would inflict four injuries on her. Her responses would be tested to see if she could be considered “aggressive”.

Normally, only 10% of cows are deemed sufficiently aggressive to be used. The rest are either sold or simply sent to slaughter. If the farmer wants to increase his numbers, he will approve up to 50% of the females but will then systematically kill any females born to the “low scoring” cows and only keep the male calves alive.

They only use the Tentadero with the females as, if they were to use it with the males who then went on to be used in the real bullrings, they would have already learned how to defend themselves and to attack the bullfighter’s body.

It is likely that Ruth would have gone on to be used each summer during events. She would have experienced all kinds of torture, until she could no longer survive her injuries. She would have died somewhere in a street, bleeding and terrified, as people celebrated around her.

When Ruth was rescued and arrived at Wings of Heart, she was so frightened that she would not even dare to raise her head to look at us. It took a long time for us to gain her trust so that she would allow us to be near her. Now we can sit peacefully at her side and enjoy her calming company.

This is the video of the arrival of Ruth and Manuel at Wings of Heart:

Javi absolutely adores Ruth. He spends lots of time licking her soft coat, as if he were her mother. Ruth adores Javi and Manuel. They spend all of their time together.

Ruth now lives happily with her friends and multi-species family. Spending time relaxing with her beloved Javi and Manuel, Ruth will never know fear again. Here she will live safely for the rest of her life.

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