Yelli’s story is a very unusual one. A cat who lived with a girl who was vegan “hunted” Yelli, along with three other chicks and brought them home. The girl called us and asked us to take care of the little birds and thus, thanks to be “hunted” by a cat, Yelli came to live with us. Yelli arrived a few days before another chick, Browni, who had to be rushed to the vet as soon as she arrived. Sadly, she did not make it and died two weeks later.

When Browni died, Yelli and Blacki – another chick rescued at the same time, leaned on each other for support and now they are inseparable

Yelli spent her childhood at the sanctuary and we watched her thrive a grow with great pride. She is now beginning to discover the world, the earth, the wind and the sun. It was only by pure chance that Yelli ended up coming to live with us. She will never know just what a lucky escape she had.

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