Ying arrived with her sister, Yang, at Wings of Heart when they were little more than a month old. They were found lying alongside their dead mother. She died from the indifference of the farmer as to whether she lived or died. The babies did not know that their mum was never going to wake up.

When they arrived at Wings of Heart, they soon decided that Matteo was their adopted father and, for some time, they were never found far away from their “dad’s” side. As they grew older, they became more independent and, now, there are no limits to their enjoyment of life. Whether it is jumping over fences, climbing on rooftops or sleeping in the sunshine under the cypress trees, they are always busy and always making the most of life. It seems from the second day they were here, they had put their traumatic past behind them and were determined to look forward to their long and happy lives ahead.

Ying is the most mischievous of the two and she is always trying to encourage her sister to join her in causing mischief. They are one of the great joys of Wings of Heart.

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By sponsoring Ying, you will not only be ensuring that her ongoing care is provided for the rest of her life, but you are also helping us to ensure that when other animals who need us can be rescued and given a second chance at life. As a small token of our appreciation, we will send you an E-Certificate of appreciation to acknowledge your support. If you would like to sponsor Ying in the name of a friend or loved one, just email us on and we will ensure that the certificate is made out in your recipient’s name.

On behalf of Ying and everyone at Wings of Heart Sanctuary, thank you.

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