Javi arrived when he was just one day old. He had been abandoned in the countryside and left to die. His mother had been loaded on a truck to be taken to slaughter. He had not spent one day with her and never understood where she had gone. No-one cared that he was just a baby and could not survive without her. So he just waited in the bushes nearby. Hiding and hoping his mum would come back to him. He didn’t know that she was not coming back. She, meanwhile, was subjected to a painful, terrifying death. Perhaps her final thoughts were of little Javi.

When we found him, he was still waiting for her. His hiding place given away only by his little ears poking out from behind the leaves. We took him home.

At first, he did not have the will to live and refused food. So we showered him with attention and affection to convince him that there was hope. And it worked. Javi, in time, recovered and became part of the family. At the same time as he developed lasting bonds with the other animals – particularly Eneko and Koke – Javi recovered the intense desire to live that kept him going during his tragic first days of life.

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By sponsoring Javi, you will not only be ensuring that his ongoing care is provided for the rest of his life, but you are also helping us to ensure that when other animals who need us can be rescued and given a second chance at life. As a small token of our appreciation, we will send you an E-Certificate of appreciation to acknowledge your support. If you would like to sponsor Javi in the name of a friend or loved one, just email us on and we will ensure that the certificate is made out in your recipient’s name.

On behalf of Javi and everyone at Wings of Heart Sanctuary, thank you.

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